Prepare your bathtub for refinishing…

Helpful items to make the refinishing of your tub as smooth as possible:

• Remove shower curtain if one is used.

• Remove shampoo bottles and soap from the tub.

• Move items such as toilet brushes, etc. away from the tub.

• Clean the tub.

• If there isn’t a bathroom window I’ll need to run an exhaust hose from the bathroom to the nearest window to remove fumes while refinishing the tub.

• Check that the ceiling exhaust fan is working properly so you or I can leave it on after the tub is refinished.

• Make sure the faucet isn’t dripping water; I can’t refinish the tub if water is dripping.

• If you’re planning to replace the drain, that should be done before having the tub refinished.

• Your tub will need to dry for two days before using.

• Read the Tub Care Sheet as to how to clean and care for your tub.

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